Ceramic Floor Wooden Motif and Treatment Tips

The wooden floor is exotic and can bring a natural impression in the house. However, there are various obstacles that cause us to fail to install wooden floor at home. For example, price constraints or lack of time to take care of wood floors on a regular basis. In order to keep the warmth of wood at home, we can wear wooden ceramic floor in the rooms we want. Wooden floor ceramic floor also requires care to keep glowing beautify the house of all time. Here is a practical guide from concrete crack repair; Currently, those who are reluctant to choose the parquet floor to switch to the floor of the ceramic wood motif relatively the same appearance. Some of the wooden ceramic floor designs currently available on the market are Planked oak. His trademark is a woody fiber that looks vague and a typical brown stroke. Natural beech. In this design, the wood fibers look very soft and almost invisible. Premiere beech. This design shows the gradation of wood fiber color from dark to light or vice versa. Natural maple. As the name implies, this design is similar to the appearance of maple wood texture that tends to be light brown.

Before deciding on which wood floor ceramic floor design is best for the home, consider the following points; To know how the quality of ceramic floor, should be checked what the raw materials used to make it. Some supermarkets of building materials usually display samples for promotional purposes. Try to tap gently on the surface, does it feel like there is a cavity? That is, the quality of the floor is not very good. Indeed, every homeowner is free to determine the color of the floor to be installed for interior and exterior areas. But it would be better if the floor dark color installed for the exterior area such as terrace or patio. While the interior area uses bright colors such as light brown or milk chocolate.

Like how to care for the ceramic floor in general, caring for the floor of the wooden ceramic motif is actually quite easy. Simply clean the dust by being swept and mopped every day. Should be careful in choosing floor cleaning fluid. If floor cleaning fluid contains wax, it is not suitable for cleaning ceramic floors. The content of wax in it will make the ceramic floor looks dull and beautiful wood motifs will fade.