How to choose an umrah travel service safely

Many travel agencies pilgrims and umrah that fix the cheap cost so many prospective pilgrims are tempted. It is not entirely wrong, but it must be checked what facilities are offered, is it worth the cost? It would be very strange if there are a travel agency haj and umroh who offer facilities that are very ‘wow’ but the cost offered is very cheap. In the meantime, you can check out to find the one with a good reputation.

Check Hotel Name and Location

To ensure the validity of the data, please confirm the hotel name and location of the hotel there. Can be via Google Maps or Apple Maps. Make sure the hotel name, hotel location, and star rate match what your travel agency has to offer.

Make sure the VISA Status you will get

Check back on what VISA status you will get from Saudi Arabia. Make sure the status is in accordance with your need to the holy land that is to worship umroh or hajj.