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Refugees from Sudan and Eritrea queue at the Israeli interior ministry in order to renew their visas or submit asylum requests in the early hours of 4 February. Oren ZivActiveStills

The year 2018 was one of the most critical for African refugees in Israel. Under threat of imminent deportation, the community and their local supporters took to the streets, pleading for their rights to be recognized.

The mass deportations did not materialize.

First, it became clear that African governments were unwilling Valentino Black Moto Fringe Leather Ankle (121199) Boots/Booties Size US 4.5Christian Louboutin Black Wawy Dolly Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps Size EU 35 (Approx. US 5) Regular (M, B)to accept refugees who had been forced out of Israel. That prompted Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, to reach a deal with the United Nations aimed at resettling African refugees in the West.

Netanyahu scrapped that deal after being criticized Giuseppe Zanotti Black White Pink Silver New Men’s Sneakers Size EU 39 (Approx. US 9) Regular (M, B)by lawmakers in Israel’s ruling coalition who viewed the arrangement as insufficiently tough on refugees. The lawmakers Jimmy Choo Metallic Champagne Glitter Fabric Dahlia Platform Pumps Size EU 40.5 (Approx. US 10.5) Regular (M, B) to how the deal was contingent on allowing approximately half of African refugees to remain in Israel for five years.

Despite shelving his most merciless anti-refugee plans, Netanyahu continued attacking Africans living in Israel. He remains among Israel’s top 10 leaders in its war against African refugees.

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In January 2018, Ayoob Kara, a government minister, suggestedValentino Green Rockstud Army Star Camo Slip On Trainer Sneaker Flats Size EU 35.5 (Approx. US 5.5) Regular (M, B) that African refugees were a health hazard.

He used that eliminationist language during a conference of Likud – the party led by Netanyahu – in Eilat, a Red Sea resort. Kara was seeking credit for overseeing a policy – then as a minister for regional cooperation – to fire Africans from that city’s hotel industry.

The policy had been implemented after Africans across Israel went on strikeGianvito Rossi Blue Plexi Dark Denim Plastic Clear Heel Pumps Size US 10.5 Regular (M, B) in early 2014. A week-long strike was called as part of Salvatore Ferragamo Rose Varina Ballerina Flats Size US 7.5 Regular (M, B) against Israel’s jailing of refugees.

Hotel owners in Eilat Bottega Veneta Brown Boots/Booties Size US 8 Israel’s government to substitute African workers with people living in Jordan. Under the plan, permits were issued so that hundreds of workers could Christian Louboutin Black and White Sandals Flats Size EU 40 (Approx. US 10) Regular (M, B) Israel from Jordan each day and then be bussed back to Jordan in the evening.

The Israeli government insisted that an African be fired each time a worker from Jordan was recruited.

According to Kara, the objective of the plan was to “save tourism in Eilat.” Its effect, he added during his 2018 speech, was that “we expelled the illegal [African] workers that burst in here and were a sanitary nuisance.”

Kara, a member of the Druze religious minority, is now Israel’s communications minister.

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Automated robots now have the tools to grow imitation, simplified human organs out of stem cells. Thankfully, we weren’t transported to a sci-fi dystopia where the machines have risen up and started to farm humans, but rather a world where pharmaceutical and other biomedical research just became much easier and faster.

Give these robots some pluripotent stem cells (stem cells that can become any type of cell), and 21 days later they’ll have finished a complicated experiment testing out the effects of a drug or genetic manipulation on some human-like, lab-grown kidneys. According to research published yesterday, May 17, in Cell: Stem Cell,Burberry Black London Carnwath Stiletto 35/ Boots/Booties Size US 5 Regular (M, B)Jimmy Choo Dark Blue Ink Leather Suede Dante Boots/Booties Size EU 35 (Approx. US 5) Regular (M, B) the process is much faster and more reliable than when humans grow the same mini-organs.

“Ordinarily, just setting up an experiment of this magnitude would take a researcher all day, while the robot can do it in 20 minutes,” said researcher Benjamin Freedman Christian Louboutin Purple Iriza 100 Pop Suede D'orsay Heel 35 Pumps Size US 5 Regular (M, B). He went on to describe how automating the more tedious parts of biomedical research in this way will prevent people from ruining an experiment with careless errors or accidents.

Thanks to the shortened experimentation times, scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine Salvatore Ferragamo Red/Rosso Patent Leather Varina Ballerina Bow Flats Size US 5 Regular (M, B)Jimmy Choo Black with Gold Accessories Dixi Shiny Calf Boots/Booties Size US 6.5have already started to use these robots for high-throughput screening – a type of experimentation that tests a large amount of samples all at once. Because they could test so many kidney organoids at the same time, researchers have already learned how different compounds affect polycystic kidney disease, a common condition with serious symptoms.

It’s too soon to say whether robotic automation will lead to better drugs becoming available sooner, but the results so far look pretty cool. The fact that scientists are already publishing surprising findings that they may have otherwise missed suggests we may start to see a lot more out of biomedical researchers.

Also, now that it’s easier to make human-like organoids, pharmaceutical experimentation will become more relevant to, you know, humanity. There are a lot of drugs and treatments that look phenomenal based on animal studies but don’t have the same effect on people. While these mass-produced organs aren’t as complex as the real thing, they’re a good step forward that may help us understand what’s really going on underneath our skin.

Robots Can Grow Humanoid Mini-Organs From Stem Cells Faster And Better Than People

By Rafiu Ajakaye

LAGOS, Nigeria (AA): Nigerian Muslim women on Wednesday called for banning all discriminations against their religious head-covering (Hijab).

“Al-Mu’minaat (an organization of Muslim women in Nigeria) is seeking that legislations be made to specifically criminalize discrimination, harassment, molestation and persecution of Muslim girls and ladies in the religious gear, the Hijab,” Nimatullah Abdul Quadri, president of the group, told a news briefing in Lagos ahead of Feb. 1 commemoration of the annual World Hijab Day.

“Our 2018 theme is ‘My Hijab, My Right’. This theme seeks to remind the (Nigerian) government and our fellow citizens of our religious rights… Manolo Blahnik Iridescent Spring 2013 Sandal Pumps Size EU 40 (Approx. US 10) Regular (M, B)Gianvito Rossi Green Gg6676.35leg Sandals Size US 9 Regular (M, B)especially at this time when the hijab is being assaulted and when modesty of covering up is being ridiculed or associated with oppression and backwardness,” she added.

The World Hijab Day, an annual event founded by social activist Nazma Khan in 2013, takes place on Feb. 1 each year in over 140 countries to draw attention to the challenges that the Muslim women face, such as discrimination and harassment,Tod's Black New Platform Leather Ankle Boots/Booties Size US 9 Regular (M, B)Prada Black Ladie's Cutout-heel Suede Camascio 37.5 7.5b Boots/Booties Size US 7.5 Regular (M, B) due to the observance of their faith.

Abdul Quadri said this year’s event comes amid rising discriminations against Nigerian Muslim women and girls wearing headscarves, citing recent controversies around the religious wear.

Last October, a Muslim female law graduate Firdaus Amasa was barred from the call to bar event in the capital city Abuja because she insisted on wearing her headscarf, triggering a fresh debate on the issue and prompting the parliament to schedule a public hearing on Feb. 6 to resolve the logjam.

In 2016, the Appeal Court held that wearing the headscarf is within the constitutional right of the Muslim woman or girl, outlawing a government circular which had restricted its use in public schools across Lagos state. The government has appealed the ruling at the Supreme Court.Prada Grey Platforms Size US 9 Regular (M, B)Pierre Hardy Black Boots/Booties Size US 7.5 Regular (M, B)

“Fidaus Amasa’s case has actually made it abundantly clear that the Nigerian nation is not serious about the Girl-child education and giving equal opportunity to all citizens,” according to the women leader.

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Christian Louboutin Black Shameless Suede Platform Eu 38.5 Pumps Size US 8 26th Dec 2017

BUJUMBURA, Burundi (AA): A Burundian Muslim association has translated the Holy Quran into Kirundi, one of the two official languages of the East African country, a religious leader told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

Sheikh Sadiki Kajandi, the president and legal representative of the Islamic Community of Burundi (COMIBU), said, “This is a great event for us, because on Monday we received the first translation of the Quran in Kirundi. This is a first since the introduction of Islam to Burundi.”

The translation work was done by the Association for Mutual Aid and Solidarity (AMES), Old Gringo Lucky Boots/Booties Size US 10 Regular (M, B)Tan Vintage Man In France Boots/Booties Size US 8.5 Regular (M, B)a local Muslim association.

AMES Chairperson Sheikh Abdi John Habonimana told Anadolu Agency that the translation had taken quite a long time — a total of eight years.

“We thank all Muslims and non-Muslims, including university professors, who contributed to the process of making the Quran accessible in Kirundi,” he said.

Kirundi is spoken across Burundi and also in parts of Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda.

The Islamic community accounts for 10 percent of Burundi’s total population of 11 million.Jimmy Choo Formal Shoes Size US 7.5 Regular (M, B)Flats Size EU 39 (Approx. US 9) Regular (M, B)

The Muslims are mainly located in such urban areas as Gitega and Rumonge as well as the capital Bujumbura.

Bujumbura is home to a strong Islamic community dominated by West African traders from Senegal, Niger, Guinea, and Mali. There is also an Arab community.

According to historians, Islam arrived in Burundi around the 19th century.

[Map of Burundi by US Dept of Sate/Public Domain]

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Model wearing a dress from the I Am Kreyol clothing line

Model wearing a dress from the I Am Kreyol clothing line

Boston, MA — High fashion womenswear label, I Am Kreyol (Kreyol), Valentino Red (Wine) Patchwork Camo Print Pointed Toe Pumps Size US 7.5 Regular (M, B)Christian Louboutin Brown Degraspike 70 Pointed Pumps Size US 9.5recently launched a crowdfunding campaign that embodies its core purpose – creating a movement and giving back. Utilizing Christian Louboutin Black "Guni Patent-trim Spiked Mesh Pumps Size US 10 Regular (M, B), the brand looks to raise $30,000 to not only produce the collection it recently showcased in London but to also start creating economic stability and sustainability in Haiti. Kreyol looks to begin production in April.

Christian Louboutin White Clo Spike Heels Pumps Size US 8.5 Regular (M, B)

Founded by Joelle Fontaine, I Am Kreyol is a fashion brand dedicated to all women that was inspired by the Haitian cultural ideals of freedom, resilience and strength. The brand seeks to empower not only the women who wear the beautiful designs but also the women who help produce it.“My mother, Yolette, and I left a beautiful life in Haiti in the midst of political unrest in the late 80s when her fashion boutique was burned down. She lost everything and had to begin again,” Christian Louboutin Decoltish Dolly Pink Suede Stiletto 39 Pumps Size US 9 Regular (M, B)Christian Louboutin Black Decollette Pumps Size US 9.5 Regular (M, B)said Fontaine. “Over these past few years, we have been creating, with a goal to maximize and grow the I Am Kreyol fashion brand. Our mission is simple. We seek to empower women to change their narrative and create the life they envision. Our garments are made to enhance our customer’s inner beauty and sense of confidence while impacting the lives of women back home. We are seeking to produce our garments in Haiti to work with skilled artisans to provide the opportunity for sustainable income and creativity in the workforce.”

I Am Kreyol has received recognition from top tier press including Conde Nast Traveler,Stuart Weitzman Topo Suede Highland Boots/Booties Size US 9.5 Regular (M, B) Teen Vogue as well as features on the ‘Best of Boston’ lists for Improper Bostonian (2016) and Boston Magazine (2017).

Kreyol is looking to produce Lotus, the capsule collection it showcased during London Fashion Week. Inspired by the beautiful flower with the penchant for growing in some of the harshest of environments, the Lotus collection illustrates a woman’s tenacity to be strong, resilient and powerful even in the midst of adversity. The spring/summer collection features vibrant colors and distinct prints made of luxurious fabrics. Kreyol will be hosting a collection preview at the style-centric fashion boutique, Wolf & Badger, in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood on April 7th. Brooklyn based Haitian songstress Riva Nyri is slated to perform. To RSVP to the event, visit: Christian Louboutin Black New Very Prive Patent Red Sole Pumps Size US 6.5 Regular (M, B)

To support the I Am Kreyol campaign and to see key pieces from the Lotus collection, visit their Indiegogo page at: Christian Louboutin Brown Fifi Ankle Boots/Booties Size US 8.5 Regular (M, B). To view and shop past collections, visit Manolo Blahnik Blue Satin Pumps Size US 9.5 Regular (M, B)

About I Am Kreyol
I Am Kreyol is a woman’s high fashion brand that represents ALL WOMEN: their Freedom, Resilience & Strength. They empower through beautiful designs that makes one feel unique, like a piece of art & through economic stability & sustainability for artisans in our homeland of Haiti. They believe that they are their sister’s keeper & that through garment production, they can provide opportunity & exposure for skilled women workers to be able to live the life they desire. Kreyol has been featured in Teen Vogue, and Conde Nast Traveller as well as on the 2017 Best of Boston clothing designer 2016 Improper Bostonian Best of Boston lists. To learn more about the fashion line, visit Christian Louboutin Black Miss Clichy Pumps Size US 11 Regular (M, B)Christian Louboutin Black Red Lady Peep Platforms Size US 8.5 Regular (M, B)

Tamara Walker
Quintessential Media

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